Fleet Maintenance... Simplified!
The Mission Critical Fleet Maintenance System


Select the modules to suit your fleet, add as you want and scale as you need


Modules made in-house to your specification so that ForFleets is exactly what you need


State of the art dashboards with tracking, prediction and custom reporting to suit your needs

Built ForFleets like yours
ForFleets has been meeting the needs of police, prison, ambulance and other mission critical services for over 10 years. We are the industry leader in flexible and scalable fleet maintenance. Our focus on only the most vital fleets, ensures each fleet has a system tailored to their exact needs.
How ForFleets Works

Vehicle comes to Repairer

ForFleets will let you know when it's time for a service and who the closest repairers are to your vehicles

Repairer checks the vehicle

You decide what checks you want, they carry them out including photos and videos

You get the proposal

ForFleets will flag any issues, provide itemised proposals and what it will cost to repair. If you like, ForFleets can even authorise the work for you

The vehicle gets repaired

The repair is completed by a qualified technician using OEM parts

You get one monthly bill

With every repair itemised on it

You track your fleet

See current and historical repairs from your custom dashboard and predictions of your repair needs into the future

We support you

ForFleets is Locally developed and supported for the fleets that save lives

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